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If you ever struggled with excess skin on your eyes that made you feel discomfort or displeasure with the appearance of your eyes, you may have never known about a corrective procedure called eyelid blepharoplasty surgery. Dr. Schwarcz, a prominent oculofacial surgeon in Westchester County, has great experience in operating around the eyes, a precious feature of the human body. Not only are the eyes essential for vision, but they are also critical for good overall health. As such, anyone who is suffering from excess or loose skin on the eyelid can benefit from the blepharoplasty procedure. The surgery is aimed at eliminating the excess skin to not only create a youthful enhanced appearance, but also correcting the impaired vision that has been affected as a result. Both the upper and lower eyelid of each eye can be surgically corrected with this procedure, if necessary.

The Benefits of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Our practice offers different plastic surgeries and the desire for such a surgery may be irritation with a feature and/or displeasure with the cosmetic appearance. For individuals suffering from visible and embarrassing keloid scars or facial scars, we have the appropriate treatment to help correct such scars. An overproduction of collagen can cause some scars to become unsightly. Do not ignore such conditions and explore your treatment options. We offer injections that can help dissipate the appearance of the scar and at other times, surgical repair may be necessary.

We also perform facial implants to enhance the chin, cheeks or jawline. For example, a malar implant highlights the cheekbone. This also serves to add volume to one’s cheekbones. For an individual in their later years, seeking something more significant or drastic, a face lift or mid-face list may be an option.

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What Reconstructive Surgery Can Do To Correct & Restore Bodily Functions

Impaired functioning of the body or face can result after an injury, trauma or accident. It can also result from a birth defect whether congenital or acquired. As most human body functions are essential to comfortable living and peaceful health, it is important to understand the benefits of reconstructive surgery and how it can change your life for the better if you sustained a life-altering injury or birth defect. For example, an individual suffering from a condition called ectropion, is one who has sagging lower eyelids that affects their vision and sensitivities of their eye(s). It can create more than slight irritation and depending on the extent of the damage, can cause great discomfort on a daily basis. Patients suffering from such a condition have the opportunity to correct the ectropion which may have resulted in affected vision.

The opposite condition also exists, where the eyelids turn inward to cover the white healthy part of the eye. This condition is called entropion. Both conditions have a surgical solution at our office. Further, there are a variety of other conditions we treat that are considered reconstructive in the sense that they correct a primary function. For example, we also treat facial paralysis, perform socket repair, orbital tumor repair and eyelid ptosis repair.

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Cosmetic Enhancements Without Surgery

If you are a younger individual or perhaps want something less invasive that you can maintain over time, you can review our non-surgical procedures and determine which is most beneficial for you. If you would like to enhance the appearance of your lips or the volume or the size, you can consider a facial filler like Juvederm for your lips. You can also consider Botox for those stubborn lines and wrinkles around your mouth, nose and on your forehead.

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Detect and Treat Skin Cancer

There are various types of skin cancer that are harmful to one's health. Dr. Schwarcz strives to offer the very best in terms of skin cancer treatment to restore our patients to good health. From the most common type, basal cell carcinoma, to the rarest form, melanoma, we are trained professionals with the expertise in detecting and treating such skin cancer. Pre-cancerous lesions are also troublesome and should not be ignored. At our offices, we routinely perform a world-renowned form of skin cancer removal surgery called Mohs surgery or the Mohs technique. The technique involves removing tissues of skin in such a way as to preserve as much healthy tissue as possible. When operatingand attempting to remove cancer from one’s face, this can be critical and essential to the overall results and cosmetic appearance after surgery.

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