Under Eyelid Filler


As we age we may lose volume in the area where the eyelid joins the cheek, sometimes referred to as the tear trough.  Using hyaluronic acid based fillers, Dr. Schwarcz is able to fill the tear trough, reducing the appearance of hollowness, lower eyelid bags, and puffy eyes.  This is performed with a cannula or a blunt needle, which is safer and less chance of bruising.  Under eyelid filler is not for everyone, so se sure to have a consultation with a specialist to find out if you are a candidate.  This treatment is not recommended for patients with under eye bags are that are too large, have fluid malar festoons, or have fluid accumulation at the top of the cheek.  Dr. Schwarcz has been performing this procedure since 2004, and because of his expert skills, he has been invited to conduct the FDA clinical trials on this specialized procedure. 




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