Lip augmentation is a popular procedure that uses synthetic or biological products, or surgical restructuring, to enhance the lips in many ways.


Lip augmentation is simple. Dr. Schwarcz uses an injection or lip filler to fill your lips, creating a balanced look with fullness and depth. Restylane® Kysse if the filler of choice to target and treat the lips. Recovery time is short and the results appear immediately. Once the topical anesthesia wears off, there may be slight swelling or bruising that will subside within one week after the procedure. You may feel mild tenderness at the injection site. You will notice significant results in terms of the fullness of your lips. For a procedure that lasts approximately 20 minutes, you can see the results for up to six months and sometimes beyond that.  If you have ever felt your lips were thin or merely want them to be plumper, this may be the procedure for you.


Many people naturally have full lips while others have a thinner lip. People with thinner lips could benefit from lip augmentation. Even individuals with somewhat full lips can qualify for this procedure. As we age the upper lip elongates. The skin from the nose to the upper lip lengthens vertically allowing for a thinner appearance. Lip augmentation would be a great option for people who experience these changes.


People with small, deflated lips, asymmetry, reconstructive needs, drooping or sagging upper lip, lack of color, wrinkling from smoking or aging and other complaints can benefit from lip enhancement. Depending on the concern, there are many ways to augment lips, such as synthetic fillers, autologous fat (one’s own fat injected), or surgical manipulation of the lip allowing for a fuller look.

Among the leaders in his field, Dr. Schwarcz is a New York cosmetic plastic surgeon of the face and body. By staying on the cusp of the future of cosmetic surgery, Dr. Schwarcz can ensure that he provides his patients with the best results possible, as well as the least amount of discomfort or recovery time.

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