Facial Fracture Repair


Fractures of the orbit (the four bony walls surrounding the eyeball and all of its contents) could cause the eye to appear sunken back, cause double vision, poor vision, blindness and disfigurement.

Facial fractures can result from injuries, accidental falls, motor vehicle accidents and/or physical assaults. While nose fractures are the most common, most facial fractures typically need corrective surgery to restore function and correct the fracture’s cosmetic appearance. These facial fractures are now frequently repaired via very small well-hidden incisions during reconstructive surgery. Facial fractures ould cause bony disfigurement and facial asymmetry if not repaired.

Some of the negative results of a facial fracture can include:

 An eye that appears sunken

 Double vision

 Reduced vision or blindness

 Facial disfigurement

 Brain or eye damage

 Pain or altered sensation under the damaged eye

Broken Nose Symptoms

Broken nose symptoms include swelling, soreness, disfigurement and nosebleed. A break inside the nose may include the ethmoid bones, causing brain injury. If a damaged nose continues to bleed or a clear nasal discharge is present, see Dr. Schwarcz right away.

Broken Jaws

The jaw moves so we can talk and chew. Symptoms of a broken jaw are:

 Pain in the jaw

 Malocclusion, which is an inability to put the teeth together

 A bruise or bruising under the tongue, which frequently indicates a broken jaw

Maxillary or Midface Fractures

Maxillary fractures may have similar symptoms as broken jaws, in that the broken area of the midface becomes swollen, sore and bruised. Other symptoms for a midface fracture are:

 An inability to align the teeth or put them together

 Vision problems

 Clear discharge from the nose

 Eye bruising or black eyes

 The broken area of the face moves

This type of injury is severe and needs immediate attention from a reconstructive surgeon , as a person with a midface fracture will have trouble breathing and need to be intubated to breathe.

Cheekbone Fractures

The symptoms of a broken cheekbone (zygomatic fracture) are:

 A flat cheek

 Unusual sensations under the damaged eye

 Visual disturbances

 Pain in the jaw

 Blood in the eye on the side of the cheek that was damaged

TMJ Dislocation

Dislocation of the joint where your jaw meets with the temporal bone by your ear causes pain, and an inability to close your mouth.

If you have sustained a facial fracture and are considering surgical repair, it is important to consult an orbital and facial reconstructive surgery expert. It should be done immediately after the date of the injury to minimize damage.

Contact Dr. Schwarcz's NYC or Scarsdale offices to discuss your options if you have sustained a facial fracture and are seeking repair.

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