The purpose of ear pinning surgery is to reduce the appearance of large or protruding ears by pinning the ears closer to one's head. Children can be the victims of ridicule when it comes to protruding ears. A child would be considered a candidate for ear pinning surgery around the age of five, when the ears have reached full size.

Adults are also candidates for this procedure. Adults may opt for otoplasty in combination with other cosmetic procedures. Ear pinning surgery can make a dramatic difference in the life of a child or adult.


Ear pinning surgery, also known as otoplasty, consists of making an incision in the back of the ear in the natural fold, removing the necessary amount of skin and cartilage to allow for proper shaping of the ear, followed by placing some anchoring sutures that will pin the cartilage, securing it to the head just behind the ear. Depending on the type of ear protrusion that exists, it is possible that permanent sutures without cartilage removal may be performed. The procedure itself generally lasts two to three hours. However, additional surgery time may be required if a more complicated situation is presented.


Immediately after otoplasty surgery, dressings are placed for a few days. Headbands are applied for two weeks in the afternoons to continue light pressure during the healing process. The ears will be sore for a week, especially if sleeping is attempted on the affected side. The thin scar caused by the ear pinning surgery is very well hidden in the crease behind the ear. For children, the surgery should be performed under general anesthesia while for adults, light sedation is combined with a local anesthetic. The entire surgery can be performed in our Manhattan office.

Dr. Schwarcz and his team strive to create beneficial results with the least amount of discomfort. Call to schedule a consultation to see whether Otoplasty is the procedure for you.






By scheduling a consultation with Dr. Schwarcz and his staff, you’ll be able to learn not only if otoplasty surgery is the right course of action to take, but you’ll also learn of potential alternatives as well. Dr. Schwarcz strives to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of his patients with the least amount of recovery time possible.

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