Before and After Gallery


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Above are links to before and after pictures that depict actual patients.

As you research your cosmetic surgery procedure, before and after pictures can help you understand your options and set realistic expectations for your surgical outcome. When you print cases to share, before and after pictures can also help you communicate those expectations to your surgeon. Dr. Schwarcz is very focused on customizing your surgical results to fit your face. Your goals and expectations will be discussed in detail, you are encouraged to bring in photos of results you admire. Use this gallery as a resource not only to familiarize yourself with Dr. Schwarcz’s work but also to help better visualize your desired result.

In our gallery, we have tried to include a spectrum of results, not just our best. Most of our before and after pictures depict average results to help you set a realistic goal. Keep in mind, however, that before and after pictures of other patients can never guarantee your results.

We try to present before and after photos that are consistent and reliable. None of our photos are digitally enhanced and we have tried to use similar lighting, poses, hairstyle, makeup, and clothing in the before and after pictures. At the patient’s request, some of our photos do show patients with a new hairstyle or makeup after their surgery.

Before and after photos aren’t a guarantee or a blueprint for your surgery. Each operation, patient, surgeon and result is unique! You are safe using photos to explore your options and to make tangible your expectations.



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