Orbital Tumors and Fractures


The bones that surround the eyes and the content within comprise what is known as the orbit. This area could be affected by trauma including fractures, as well as tumors of the orbit. An orbital tumor, whether big or small, can have severe consequences as far as function is concerned. Larger tumors can cause problems with vision as they may cause the eyes to protrude. In the case of orbital fractures, if left un-repaired, the eye may result sunken in appearance.

What are the causes of an orbital tumor?

Orbital tumors can be primary and develop in the orbital socket while other tumors are metastatic, spread from another cancer in the body. Tumors can be benign or malignant.

Different tumor types

The following include various orbital tumor types:

 Optic Gliomas


 Hemangiomas and Lymphangiomas


 Fibrous Histiocytomas




Treatment for orbital tumors

Orbital fractures may be repaired through very small incisions hidden on the inside of the eyelid. Orbital tumors may make the eye appear to protrude. These tumors may be removed and accessed through very small incisions as well.

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