Defy the Aging Process With Our Juvederm Treatments in NYC


Growing old can be a beautiful thing; however, the aging process can sometimes cause changes to the face that may not be appreciated or desired. If you find yourself unhappy with certain features that have been subject to the signs of aging, you may want to consider some non-surgical cosmetic options beginning with Juvederm.

What is Juvederm?

Juvederm is one of many injectable fillers available in cosmetic practices and in both our Manhattan and Scarsdale offices in New York. The filler comes from hyaluronic acid, which is a fluid that can be found in the connective tissue of the human body. Since it is derived from a naturally occurring substance in the body, it does not threaten the health or safety of the patient. The hyaluronic acid that is used in this particular treatment does not come from living animals and does not pose a threat to any allergies. The treatment is created in a smooth gel in order to provide the patient with more comfort and ultimately a smoother face as the result. The addition of lidocaine to the gel solution is optional as well, which basically numbs the surrounding tissue and makes the treatment process more comfortable for the patient.

Why Consider Juvederm to Recreate Smoother and Natural Effects?

There are several reasons to consider Juvederm as your preferred cosmetic filler. First, Juvederm is composed of a flexible yet sturdy material that is able to be injected into any problem areas that could use more volume. These injections can offer a younger and smoother looking face that was enjoyed in earlier years.

Juvederm gives a very smooth and natural look, which makes it ideal for the following treatment areas:

 Under eye wrinkles – Sun damage over time can cause thinning of the skin and a general drooping.

 Sunken cheeks – Thinning of the skin around the cheeks can cause drooping, making cheek bones appear lower.

 Laugh lines – Although they represent a happy life, nasolabial lines or wrinkles around the mouth may become deeper with age.

 Thin lips – Lip augmentation is one of the most common uses of Juvederm because its characteristics make it ideal for areas with very thin skin.

Another positive thing about Juvederm is that it is temporary, and allows you to put as much or as little as you desire depending on the extent of the change you wish to create. The results last for about a year depending on the area that was treated. Under eye treatments last the longest, while lip augmentation dissipates the quickest. Although this might seem like a downside at first, it is beneficial to patients avoiding surgical intervention and those who seek more control over the changes to their facial features. Juvederm provides an opportunity to individuals who seek to change their treatment, by both increasing or decreasing the usage or dose or amount of treatment areas.



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