Oculoplastic Procedures Available to Hartsdale Residents


Residents of Hartsdale, New York can obtain quality cosmetic and oculofacial plastic surgery with board-certified surgeon Dr. Schwarcz. Our practice in Scarsdale provides a variety of services to many patients. Dr. Schwarcz routinely performs eyelid blepharoplasty to enhance his patients' cosmetic appearance around the eyes as well as to prevent sagging eyelids from affecting their vision. He also is prominent in the world of facelifts, a facial toning procedure that surgically removes wrinkles of the face, and is an expert oculoplastic cosmetic surgeon. He also performs ptosis repair, ectropion and entropion correction, socket repair and treats orbital tumors.

Non-Surgical Treatment

We offer Botox treatments, facial fillers, chemical peels, Intense Pulsed Light laser and photorejuvenation (IPL), Clear Brilliant Laser and the Total FX C02 Laser treatment. Dr. Schwarcz consistently performs various facial fillers. The most popular lip enhancement technique is the Restylane Silk facial filler. It is extremely effective in augmenting the lips non-surgically.

Skin Cancer Treatment

Our practice offers patients, who have a family history of cancer and want to take preventative measures but also those who have been affected by skin cancer, treatment and care in removing the tumor. Detection allows for the timely removal of such a tumor before it can spread throughout the body. Mohs surgery is implemented as the most prevalent technique for removing cancerous tissue and is extremely effective on the face. Mohs surgery is beneficial because it allows the healthy skin to stay alive and microscopically analyzes each of layer of tissue, to permit only the removal of the affected cancerous tissue. This allows for your healthy skin to be preserved and maintained. Learn more about the types of skin cancer, treatment options, and pre-cancerous lesions diagnosed and managed at Dr. Schwarczs' practices.

We cater to patients throughout Westchester County.

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