Capture the Essence of Your Natural Beauty With Malar Implants


Malar implants restore and enhance facial structure in the cheeks or chin. It also creates a smooth contour of the face that can be lost with age.

Why Consider This Type Of Cosmetic Implant?

Sometimes a receding chin can leave us with a profile that we're not comfortable with. Chin or malar implants can be applied to augment this feature. The enhancement can create increased balance to the face. It will also give the appearance of making your nose fit the rest of your features in an improved way.

For other aesthetics, malar implants are also a great way to create that much desired high cheekbone outline. You can create an angular and dynamic look, enhancing flattened cheekbones. There are options for anatomically matched sizes and shapes to fit a range of faces, providing just the right amount of augmentation.

Types of Malar Implants We Offer Our Patients

There are malar and submalar procedures, as well as a combined malar/submalar implant. Each augments the cheek area. Malar procedures entail placing implants directly on the cheekbone. This provides enhanced augmentation to the cheek's outer and upper area. The submalar implant is set below cheek bones to add volume to the cheek's mid-portion. The submalar and malar combined process is an augmentation of both areas with a single implant.

Differences in Implants

Types and differences are not the same thing when it comes to malar implants. Cheek implants are composed of Silastic, a polymeric silicone substance with properties similar to rubber but biologically inert. The implants come in small, medium, large and extra-large. Size and shape are determined after an exam of the maxilla and cheeks. An intra-oral technique is used to insert the implant.

Benefits of Malar Implants

The chin area can gradually accumulate sag and fat that can impact your look. Malar implants can counter the unwanted look, restoring youth and vitality to the entire facial area. The procedure is extremely customizable. Depending on personal taste and preference, you can have a soft and natural appearance or go with a chiseled and angular look. Aesthetics will differ based on facial structure and aging stages.

Who Needs Cheek Augmentation?

Cheeks really accent the entire face. Unfortunately, the facial structure is often out of proportion. This can be hereditary or the result of bone tissue re-absorption as we age. Augmentation can correct the imbalance. Candidates for the procedure often have flat hollow looks around the eyes and cheeks.

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