Enhance Your Facial Appearance with Cheek Implants


Most of us are not born with perfect facial features. Fortunately, a variety of cosmetic techniques are available today that can help us achieve the looks that we desire. One of the procedures that has become increasingly popular in the last few years involves the use of a cheek implant. Cheek augmentation is a procedure we routinely perform and have available for our patients.

What Exactly does a Cheek Implant Enhance and How?

higher and fuller cheekbone is considered an attractive facial feature among both women and men. A sagging cheekbone can, on the other hand, create a haggard appearance. A cheek implant is designed to reverse this condition, in the process making the person look younger and healthier. This appearance can be created through the use of injectable fillers, but cheek implants are considered more effective for the following reasons:

 Implants will last a lifetime

 Cheek implantation can be performed in conjunction with other procedures

 Rather than dramatically changing, implants will enhance a person's appearance subtly

 The procedure is reversible if the patient desires their removal

How Do These Implants Work and Are They Safe?

Differing from injectable products, implants are surgically placed within the person's face in order improve its outer shape. Silicone, which is safe and effective and has been associated with plastic surgery for decades, is the material that is most commonly used in cheek implants. The devices themselves are available in different shapes and sizes, although the selection will depend upon the person's facial structure. A smaller implant may in some cases be sufficient to achieve the desired results.

What Occurs During a Facial Implant Procedure with an Oculoplastic Surgeon

The procedure can be accomplished on an outpatient basis and with the patient being given only a local anesthetic. The surgery itself involves the creation of two pockets, one under each cheek, in which the implants will rest.

The devices will be inserted through incisions made inside the mouth, thus guaranteeing the absence of visible scars. The procedure can normally be completed in less than an hour, with the results immediately noticeable. Patients may experience bruising or swelling after the surgery, although any side effects are usually gone within a few weeks.

Whether we were born with them or developed them as we aged, sagging cheeks can really affect our appearance. The way to reverse the situation is with cheek implants.

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