Loss Of Firmness And Elasticity


Many qualities of human skin fade with age, resulting from the buildup of debris at the cellular level. Skin elasticity, plumpness, and that healthy quality frequently recognized as "warm" or "glowing" skin are all widely sought-after features associated with youthful skin.

What Is Skin Elasticity?

As a young individual, your skin is capable of returning to its original shape after being stretched out. This has a number of healthy benefits: highly elastic skin is more resistant to the elements, helps to regulate temperature more efficiently, and speeds up the healing process after physical injury. A person's skin naturally loses this elastic quality with time. As a result of this loss of elasticity, firmness, and that "healthy glow," a person's features begin to look tired and wan. This is particularly true of facial skin around the mouth and eyes, which is particularly prone to sagging. The process of aging is analogous to a skin condition, which leaves older individuals with reduced self-confidence and a vulnerability to infection. It is impossible to stop this process completely once it has begun, but it is entirely possible to slow it down. In some cases, a person can even halt its apparent progress. Oculofacial plastic surgeon Dr. Schwarcz offers a variety of cosmetic treatments and procedures to his patients in New York, including cosmetic surgery as well as non-surgical procedures to restore a youthful shape and healthy appearance.

When does Skin Lose its Elasticity?

The loss of elasticity begins much earlier than many people believe. Like so many enviable qualities of youth, our bodies are no longer regenerating in high-gear once we hit our mid-twenties. The modern world offers a variety of lifestyle and dietary options, however, which make this a less-precise measure than it might once have been. Nutrition, sun exposure, and other aspects of one's personal lifestyle choices all weigh in on how well our skin will age. Young people are advised to take care of their skin from an early age, particularly around their eyes; this is one of the first and most visible areas to be affected by the skin condition associated with aging.

Why is the Skin Around the Eyes So Strongly Affected?

Small fatty deposits around the eyes are one of the first places that weight loss is reflected in the human face. Our skin is particularly soft and malleable around the eyes, which makes any changes in its condition more immediately noticeable. Once the aging process is well underway, the skin around our eyes starts to carry a heavy burden. It's being pulled down by gravity, by the skin on the lower parts of the face. The eyes are a particular focus of human attention and are widely regarded as not only an attractive feature, but also a way to evaluate a person's character. Logically or not, we place a great deal of importance on the appearance of a person's eyes. When a feature that was the focus of unusual vibrancy and appeal in a young person becomes one of their most worn and weary features, it strikes a chord.

Cosmetic Treatment Options for Loss of Elasticity and Firmness

Nonsurgical Treatments


 Facial Fillers

 Laser Treatment. Lasers such as the Clear and Brilliant laser can treat loss of skin elasticity and firmness.

Cosmetic Surgery

If you are contemplating a more permanent solution to less firm and elastic skin, you may want to consider one of the following cosmetic procedures at our office:

 Brow Lift


 Facial Implants

To restore the appearance of your skin to a healthy and natural place, contact our office to schedule your consultation. We will discuss potential treatment options with you depending on the extent and nature of your concerns.



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