Reshape Your Jaw With Jaw Angle Implants in NYC


Jaw angle implants are facial implants that have become more common in recent years. They can be beneficial for patients who wish to reshape their jaws.

If an individual believes that his or her jaw is excessively narrow, a jaw angle implant can help change that. These implants can be effective for patients who want jaws that are broader and stronger. Individuals with concerns that involve facial definition often make the decision to get a jaw angle implant. They can go a long way for individuals who wish to achieve better facial harmony and symmetry.

Your Jaw Angle Implant Options

Jaw angle implants (also called "back jawline enhancements" and "gonial angle implants") don't always have the same exact goals. These implants are tailored to each patient’s unique concerns and preferences. A jaw implant can often make the results of chin implants even more apparent. Patients frequently choose to receive both a jaw angle implant and a chin implant at the same time. Combining these implants can be more effective for individuals who want to strengthen their overly small or inconspicuous jaw.

Our patients can choose between vertical lengthening and lateral width jaw angle implants. Vertical lengthening treatments are common in people with jaw angle locations that are comparatively high. Lateral width jaw angle implants are suitable for people who want wider jaw angles exclusively.

Jaw angle implants are capable of making the interior section of the jaw wider, of giving the jaw a significantly more "square" appearance, as well as increasing the length of the jaw. For patients with multiple concerns they would like to address, jaw implants can achieve great results. There are several choices for implant techniques. Your plastic surgeon will place these inserts from the interior of the mouth. As a result, you do not have to worry about any visible scarring.

Obtaining a More Youthful Appearance

Jaw angle implants can often be helpful for people who want to look younger. This is because jaw angles that have increased definition and contouring can contribute to more youthful and fresh appearances. If you’re interested in revamping your looks and rejuvenating your appearance with a sharp new jaw line, call our office to learn more about the ease and effectiveness of receiving jaw angle implants.



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