Droopy Eyebrows


The upper eyelids, which are known for protecting the eyes and keeping their surfaces moist, can sometimes droop for some people. Droopy eyebrows may also result from deficient functioning of the levator muscle or a skin concern such as excess skin on the eyebrows or eyelids. Stress, fatigue and sleep deprivation are other known culprits.

If sagging eyebrows are caused by aging, the skin may have become thinner and started to droop. The fat pads underneath the eyebrows can also thin with age, which further results in eyebrow sagging.

When and Why the Eyebrows Droop

When the eyebrows droop, the eyes appear to be smaller and set deeper because of the way the upper eyelids bulge and overlap the eyelashes. If sagging eyebrows result from a condition known as brow ptosis, eye tissue will lose its elasticity.

Treatment Options with Oculoplastic Surgeon Dr. Schwarcz

Natural remedies can be tried for droopy eyebrows that are caused by stress and lack of sleep. A vegetable-rich diet should be adopted so that the skin around the eyebrows has a chance to repair itself using natural vitamins and nutrients. There are also eye exercises that can be tried to improve the appearance of eyebrows. An exercise that is often effective involves placing the three middle fingers of each hand under each eyebrow. While keeping the eyes open and palms lightly rested on the face, try pushing the eyebrows gently upward and slightly outward. Then, push the eyebrows down and hold the position for 10 seconds.

If natural methods are not enough to treat sagging eyebrows, a surgical procedure can correct droopy eyebrows. A brow lift is a popular cosmetic procedure that corrects droopy eyebrows and can yield terrific results. New York City cosmetic oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Schwarcz can make a few cuts along the ears and hairline or on the scalp to lift and tighten the skin around the eyebrows. The latest surgical technique have been effective in minimizing scarring and recovery times for most patients.



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