Create Improved Facial Balance With a Chin Implant in NYC


Facial features come in all shapes and sizes, and at times we may feel we don’t have the most attractive features or a particular feature does not suit our face shape or personality. Chin augmentation is a beneficial enhancement tool for men and women. For men, it has become increasingly popular and has natural results that are not "feminine." While performing each procedure, Dr. Schwarcz specifically tailors the treatment to the patient, taking into consideration all factors and facial features.

If you have a small chin, you may feel that it produces an unbalanced look to your face. A chin implant adds definition, balance and improves your overall facial shape and appearance.

What Is A Chin Implant?

Individuals who have inherited a small chin that does not fit the proportions of the rest of their face may wish to have the chin area enhanced to provide a better balance of features. Chin augmentation is a surgical cosmetic procedure that uses a small plastic implant tucked under the skin to create a more prominent profile of the lower facial structure.

Who Should Consider A Chin Implant?

Anyone who feels they need to enhance the size or shape of their chin can benefit from chin augmentation. The best candidates for this procedure are those who have a realistic expectation of the outcome and who are in good general health. Dr. Schwarczwill do a thorough assessment of your current health to determine if the procedure can be done safely and with a good result.

Understanding This Surgical Procedure

A chin augmentation must be done at a hospital or surgical center. Our patients can have the procedure performed right in our Manhattan office.

Patients receive either general anesthesia or IV sedation to keep them comfortable during the procedure. An incision is made in the inside of the lower lip or under the chin, and the implant is inserted and positioned. The implant is then anchored into place, and the incision is closed. The procedure typically takes 30 minutes to an hour. Other cosmetic procedures may be done at the same time as the implant to provide the best balance of facial features.

Expected Recovery Time

Recovery from chin augmentation generally takes about 2 weeks. Patients experience some swelling and bruising in the incision area. These effects resolve after a few days. Dr. Schwarczwill provide antibiotics to prevent infection and manage discomfort after surgery. Dietary restrictions are provided to allow the incision to heal quickly. Your surgeon may also recommend limiting your physical activity for a short period after the surgery. Patients can return to work after 5 days.

Often a simple procedure, such as corrective nose surgery or a chin implant can make a noticeable improvement, not only in the way you look, but also in the way you feel about yourself. Click here to learn more about other types of facial implants offered at our practice.

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