The Basics of Rhinoplasty

Anyone who desires to have a more attractive nose can undergo a rhinoplasty procedure to achieve natural-looking results. Also known as a nose job, rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that can safely and effectively correct certain flaws and even promote better breathing.

Ideal Candidates

People who have noses that are too big or too small for their faces are generally considered to be ideal candidates for rhinoplasty. This procedure is also beneficial for noses that are crooked or irregularly shaped. People who have trouble breathing or were born with certain nose defects may also be candidates.

The Procedure

If a person chooses to have an open rhinoplasty procedure, incisions will be made outside and on the underside of the nose to fully open the nasal cavity. There is also the option of endonasal rhinoplasty, which involves incisions being made inside the nasal passages to minimize scarring. To shape the nose, either silicone implants or autologous cartilage grafts from the septum or a rib or ear can be used. Natural skin and other soft tissues are also used to achieve a desirable nose shape.

After Surgery

Once the procedure is completed, drains and a nasal splint are usually placed inside the nose for protection and to facilitate the healing process. Discomfort, bruising and facial swelling should be expected in the days immediately following surgery. The drains, splint and other surgical packing materials that are used can usually be removed in seven to ten days. Some minor swelling may still be present after the procedure and will likely not be easily noticeable.

Our cosmetic plastic and reconstructive surgeon provides rhinoplasty procedures to patients who want to improve their appearances and quality of life. All procedures are performed in a safe setting under the watchful eye of highly trained medical staff.

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