Neck Lift Surgery: Your Complete Guide to an Optimal Recovery

Neck Lift Surgery: Your Complete Guide to an Optimal Recovery

Each year in the United States, more than 160,000 people opt for a neck lift, a cosmetic surgery that addresses signs of aging on your neck and jawline. And as with most surgeries, a recovery period follows the procedure. 

At our offices in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and Rye, New York, board-certified cosmetic and oculofacial plastic surgeon Robert Schwarcz, MD, and his team offer neck lift surgeries to help you feel more confident about your appearance.

Here’s a look at this popular procedure, including how to make the most of your recovery.

How a neck lift works

During neck lift surgery, Dr. Schwarcz makes incisions in the crease under your chin or, potentially, behind your ears. Through those cuts, he removes excess and unwanted fat or skin and contours the muscles to diminish jowls and create a firmer and sleeker neckline. 

The specifics of your procedure depend on the state of your neck, your overall health, and your desired results. If you’re bothered by a particularly fatty neck, he may recommend liposuction. If you have saggy areas, folds, or deep wrinkles, he can surgically tighten the area using specialized techniques. 

Regardless of what’s needed, Dr. Schwarcz places incisions strategically to keep them well hidden and avoid any prominent scars. From start to finish, this outpatient procedure takes about 1-3 hours, during which you’re heavily sedated or under local anesthesia.

What to expect after your neck lift surgery

After your procedure, a loved one can drive you home to rest and recover. If you’ve had stitches, you can expect to return to our office for removal in 7-10 days. For about two weeks, you wear an elastic head wrap at night.

To make the most of your neck lift recovery, consider these steps as well:

Many people can return to work within 1-2 weeks of a neck lift procedure. Any bruising, pain, or swelling should fade within that time as well. And your results should last for years.

To learn more about neck lift surgery or find out if you’re a good candidate for the procedure, book a consultation with Dr. Schwarcz today. Call the office nearest to you or request an appointment online anytime.

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