Neck & Chin Liposuction To Remove Unwanted Sagging Skin

The Proven Benefits of Liposuction for the Neck and Chin

Liposuction is a time-tested method for removing unwanted fat from the neck which is connected to the chin. It is traditionally recommended for more severe double-chin cases and those accompanied by sagging neck skin or loose jowls.

The treatment is performed under local anesthesia and is virtually pain free. A thin laser is used to liquefy fat and tighten the skin and then a small cannula is inserted to drain away the fluid. The procedure takes three to five hours and patients must recover for one to three days before resuming normal activities.

Patients will need to wear a chin strap for three days following surgery to ensure proper healing. The most common side effect is minor swelling. There is also a small chance of bleeding, infections, and uneven fat removal.

Choosing the best procedure depends mostly on the severity of the double chin and whether loose skin is a concern. This procedure is considered to be minimally invasive and will produce permanent fat removal.

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