Get Tighter Looking Skin with our Fat Transfer Procedure

The fat under the skin is necessary for youthful and healthy skin. Facial fat grafting will restore the damage created to facial tissue, and is used as an alternative to a facelift surgery. Because of the risks involved in laser resurfacing, some patients prefer to undergo the fat transfer procedure also known as fat grafting, instead of laser resurfacing to rejuvenate their face. The fat transfer or addition of healthy fat cells is completed in a fat grafting procedure.

The Benefits of the Fat Transfer Procedure

Fat grafting is a treatment that regenerates the skin by injecting fat into the layers of skin. Fat grafting sends regeneration signals through adipose cells that trigger health to surrounding cells. The adipose cells are restorative cells that are injected with the fat cells into the skin’s subcutaneous layer. Fat grafting promotes an increase in the facial skin’s fat volume and restores a desired healthy and youthful glow.

Fat grafting treatments are used to reestablish fat that has been lost due to injury or age. Healthy stem cells and regenerative adipose cells that are injected with the fat will restore a healthy shine and add lift to skin tissue. Fat grafting is used to achieve results that are similar to those achieved by a facelift.

To learn more about why the fat transfer procedure is the preferred method by cosmetic plastic surgeons, call our office today to schedule your consultation.

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