Facts About Cosmetic Lip Enhancement

Full, lush, and shapely lips have come into style these days. Lips like Angeline Jolie’s have become desirable to many women, although the possibility of “duck lips,” those extremely large and grotesque results of poorly done cosmetic procedures are a possibility. The patient and her cosmetic plastic surgeon must work together to plan and execute the most flattering results.

The Procedure

The filler used is usually performed with Restylane Silk to create volume. During the first session, a very small amount, approximately 1cc of the filler, is injected into the edge of the lip, also known as the wet-dry junction or where the pink meets the facial skin tone. The patient should be actively involved in the procedure. The lip begins to inflate immediately as the filler is injected. The patient should hold a mirror and watch closely along with the surgeon, to determine when enough filler has been injected. Any leftover filler may be discarded or used to fill in laugh lines or another facial area where it is needed.

Pain and Side Effects

Pain should be minimized by the cosmetic plastic surgeon. Lidocaine, a topical pain treatment, is applied to ease the pain at the injection site. As the filler enters the lip, it spreads through the tissue and may cause pain. The surgeon should administer a dental block to eliminate discomfort. A patient should know in advance what pain relief is provided and can ask when making the appointment.

Two injections are made into the upper lip, and two to the lower. Bruising and bleeding may occur if the injections are inserted into the pink area of the lip itself, because the lip has many blood vessels. The least damaging and safest area to inject is at the lip edge.

The result should be attractive, well-defined lips. Depending on the extent of the results you seek, multiple treatment can be utilized. To discuss your treatment options for lip augmentation, contact our office today.

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