Tear Duct Repair

Blocked tear ducts are typically caused by injury, allergies, sinus problems, infection and possibly a tumor. Water eyes are a symbol that your tear ducts may be clogged. This condition can cause blurred vision and irritation especially if it remains uncorrected. Surgery on the tear duct is generally performed to allow for proper drainage of the duct directly to the nose. During surgery, the duct is either opened or bypassed to allow this to occur. For example, once this procedure is performed, a patient can expect to notice his or her tears draining properly.

If the blockage is near the the opening of the eyelid, the procedure may be relatively simple and can be performed under local anesthesia. However, if the blockage is far away from the eyelid and deeper within the tear duct, general anesthesia may be necessary. Initially, to repair the tear duct, Dr. Schwarcz creates a small incision in the corner of the eye.

What to expect after surgery

Generally, a silicone tube may be used to keep the passage from the tear duct to the nose open for proper healing to occur, which may last for two months. The silicone tube may be slightly visible to the public. After surgery, there may be slight bleeding from the nose for several hours. The area around the eye will likely be black and blue and swollen for about a week. Once the silicone tube is removed, the eye should stop watering. The eye may appear or feel dry temporarily until it adjusts to the weather and your surroundings.

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