Plastic Surgery, Skin Cancer Care and Non-Surgical Solutions in Scarsdale, New York

Our practice in Scarsdale offers many New York residents the opportunity to seek Dr. Schwarcz's cosmetic plastic surgical expertise. Dr. Schwarcz is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, skilled in reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries, especially those involving the eyes. He performs complex surgical excisions for patients suffering from skin cancer. He utilizes the famous Mohs surgery technique when doing so, on extremely visible and delicate parts of the skin, including the face.

His talent, skill and experience make him a proven leader in the cosmetic surgical world. His specialties indicate that his skill is especially beneficial to his patients. For example, patients who need multiple procedures or have multiple areas of concern they would like to address, can benefit from Dr. Schwarcz’s experience and expertise, and trust that they are in good hands. While some cosmetic plastic surgeons have experience in only a few specialties, Dr. Schwarcz has an abundance of knowledge and experience in treating patients for cosmetic purposes, both surgical and non-surgical, as well as for reconstructive surgeries and skin cancer treatments. His rare and special expertise in eye surgery also contributes to his credentials as one of the most qualified oculofacial surgeons in Scarsdale and throughout all of New York.

Cosmetic Enhancement Surgery Utilized to Treat Aesthetic Concerns

While cosmetic surgery is often an elective operation, there can also be functional benefits. Dr. Schwarcz focuses on each patient's specific needs, guiding them through the types of cosmetic surgeries available which fulfill the improvement they seek while opting for less invasive surgeries when possible.

Reconstructive Surgical Services Treat Facial Paralysis, Facial Fractures and Much More

With reconstructive surgery, the impossible becomes possible. Those who have suffered a trauma, a birth defect whether congenital or acquired, or any other injury can benefit from reconstructive surgery where the incident or circumstance has affected a primary function of the body. This type of procedure differs from cosmetic surgery in that it emphasizes the restoration of normal appearances and function, which could have been damaged or affected as a result of an injury, trauma, accident or birth defect. For example, a rhinoplasty can be considered a reconstructive surgical procedure where the patient is seeking to correct the function of breathing through the nose, whereas it would be considered solely cosmetic if it were for the primary purpose of cosmetic improvement and enhancement. Therefore, reconstructive surgery is distinguishable from cosmetic surgery, whose primary focus and purpose is to enhance one’s appearance aesthetically.

Diagnose Any Potential Signs Of Skin Cancer Immediately

Dr. Schwarcz performs skin cancer treatments which include surgical excision as well as Mohs surgery to remove skin cancer tumors from our patients' skin. It is very urgent to have your skin routinely inspected and examined to ensure your health and detect and prevent any potential skin cancer. To learn more about pre-cancerous lesions click here.

Cosmetic Treatments That Do Not Require Surgery

Some of the non-surgical procedures our offices provides include:

  • Blepharospasm: A condition that causes a twitching of the muscles around the eye, leading to discomfort and difficulty blinking normally. Botox is an effective treatment.
  • Botox: Treatments aim to help eliminate wrinkles caused by facial movement. Treatment areas include the forehead, around the eyes and mouth, and between the eyebrows.
  • Chemical Peels: Peels are used to address fine wrinkling, pigmentation issues and discoloration on the top layer of the skin.
  • Facial Fillers: Fillers are used to reverse depressions and crevices in the skin, including deep lines and signs of deterioration.

If you are interested in cosmetic, reconstructive or skin cancer treatment or services, contact us or visit our Scarsdale office for your consultation.

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