• Eyelid Blepharoplasty

    Get rid of excess skin of the upper eyelids and bags of the lower eyelids for a more youthful appearance.

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  • Board-Certified Oculoplastic & Cosmetic Surgeon

    Dr. Schwarcz is devoted to quality work, patient satisfaction and highly personalized care.

  • Feel & Look Your Very Best

    Implementing the latest advancements in cosmetic surgery providing natural looking outcomes.

  • Repair &

    Meticulous attention to detail while achieving the most natural results.

  • Non-Surgical Treatment Options

    Non-invasive treatments can reverse the signs of aging, rejuvenating the appearance of your skin.

COSMETIC Cosmetic Surgery

Our practice offers a range of cosmetic surgery procedures including rhinoplasty, liposuction and facelifts.

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RECONSTRUCTIVE Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive surgery is performed on abnormal structures of the body and generally performed to improve function.

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NON-SURGICAL Non-Surgical Procedures

Enhance your appearance with non-surgical treatments including chemical peels, lasers, facial fillers such as Botox and more.

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SKIN CANCER Skin Cancer Treatment

Dr. Robert Schwarcz treats different types of skin cancers through a specialized technique called Mohs surgery.

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“Dr. Schwarcz you are truly talented, I look and feel ten years younger, my eyes are more open and they don't look droopy. I felt very comfortable with you, because you explained everything to me with great patience.” - JH

Board-Certified Oculoplastic Surgeon Offering Reconstructive & Cosmetic Procedures in NYC and Scarsdale

Dr. Schwarcz is dedicated to quality work, patient satisfaction and highly personalized care. His mission is to provide patients with natural, yet significant results through his advanced approaches to both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Schwarcz offers a level of expertise that is rare and exceptional. Among his prestigious credentials, he is double board-certified and is the current Chief of Oculofacial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Montefiore Medical Center / Albert Einstein College of Medicine in NYC. His expertise is the result of fellowships in both Oculoplastic Surgery and Facial Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles, California. He obtained specialized training on plastic surgery relating to the eyelids, browlifts, orbital, and lacrimal surgery, and thyroid eye disease which makes him exceptionally qualified to perform more complex procedures involving the eyes. Dr. Schwarcz's work is second to none. Like an artist, he performs his craft with a high degree or skill and care. The requisite talent, knowledge and ability to perform is far surpassed when receiving treatment under thesupervision and care of one of the finest doctors in New York.

Dr. Robert M. Schwarcz was recently voted by his peers to Best Doctors 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 by NY Magazine.

Dr. Schwarcz Discusses Cosmetic Surgery on Fox5


Dr. Schwarcz is proud to announce he has two very convenient offices located in New York. The first of which is a boutique practice in New York City, on the upper east side of Manhattan off Park Avenue. His second office is located in Scarsdale, New York. Dr. Schwarcz has gone to great lengths to specifically design his practice for the discerning client who desires rejuvenation treatment with the highest professional and quality standards in accordance with industry practice. Dr. Robert Schwarcz combines meticulous surgical skills, the mostrecent technological advances in the field of cosmetic surgery, a great aesthetic perspective and a sharp eye to create proportional, symmetrical, and desirable results for his patients. In recognition of his work, he has alsobeen featured on CNN, Elle Magazine andother local and national publications.

Accolades & Recognition
  • Top Doctors with Expertise in Cosmetic Surgery Voted by peers into Castle Connolly
  • One of America's Top Plastic Surgeons As voted by the Consumers' Research Council of America.
  • Rated & Awarded by Patients Bestowed on physicians who have received near perfect scores, as voted by their patients.

Dr. Schwarcz has been nominated for Super Doctors:

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Dr. Schwarcz's personalized care and experience

Dr. Schwarcz provides his patients with attentive, individualized care, as he performs all consultations, surgeries, post operative visits and injections himself. This is a testament to his dedication to provide his patients with the level of care and attention they deserve. A thorough consultation is of the utmost importance and is the first step in determining what treatment is best suited for your goals and needs. Utilizing cuting edge technology and applying it to his practice is common for Dr. Schwarcz who seeks to maximize results for his patients. Dr. Schwarcz's practice focuses on cosmetic surgery, reconstructive surgery, non-surgical procedures, as well as skin cancer treatment. He is highly effective and his work is impeccable, whether you seek something as simple as Botox for lip enhancement or something as complex as facial fracture surgery. His certification by the American Board of Ophthalmology also qualifes him to perform very specialized and complex procedures that involve the eyes, a very delicate feature of the human anatomy.

Lower Lid and Midface: Multispecialty Approach
New plastic surgery textbook edited and co-written by Dr. Schwarcz, focusing on surgery of the lower eyelid and midface.

In his practice, Dr. Schwarcz offers a wide host of services and treatments for his patients.

Choose cosmetic surgery for a more permanent solution:
Our offices offer a variety of cosmetic procedures including eyelid blepharoplasty, facelifts, rhinoplasty and more. Dr. Schwarcz has extensive experience performing numerous types of cosmetic procedures. He is a leading surgeon in the work of eyelid blephoroplasty surgery, by patients who seek to remove excess skin or bags from their eyelids. Often times, he performs this procedure in conjunction with a brow lift for patients who seek more dramatic results.

Reconstructive surgery restores function and offers solutions and long-term results for trauma, birth defects, or injuries:
In the realm of reconstructive surgery, Dr. Schwarcz performs a wide variety of surgeries from earlope repair to facial paralysis surgery. He has experience working on orbital tumors, socket repair as well as tear duct repair. He is an expert of the eyes and can also correct issues that arise with the eyelids such as ectropion, entropion and ptosis. Specifically, he is exceptionally talented at lower eyelid retraction repair and upper eyelid ptosis repair

Minimally Invasive non-surgical treatments offer immediate results:
In the world of non-surgical procedures, Dr. Schwarcz performs Botox injections, applies facial fillers, and also treats blepharospasm and Meige's syndrome, to name a few. He and his team are well equipped to provide services and treatment to meet your cosmetic goals and needs. In addition, his work is consistently based on offering patients harmony, balance, symmetry and natural looking results. After all, they do say a person's face is a mirror to their soul.

Skin cancer treatment to eradicate cancer and address health risks:
Dr. Schwarcz also treats skin cancer for his patients, primarily through Mohs surgery. He also removes moles that are aesthetically undesirable or can potentially become malignant and cancerous in the future.

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Dr. Schwarcz welcomes you to make an appointment at one of his two conveniently located New York practices for a consultation. New patients can expect to meet with the doctor and have their questions answered completely and to their full understanding. Dr. Schwarcz also accommodates international patients as well. We encourage all international patients to contact us first by email and then obtain specific instructions as to what types of pictures to send for review. Again, Dr. Schwarcz and his team welcomes you to learn more about the benefits of seeking his experience and quality of care, to offer you successful results whatever your treatment may be.

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