Staten Island Residents Can Treat With Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon Dr. Schwarcz

Dr. Robert M. Schwarcz is a cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon who serves Staten Island, New York and the surrounding areas. His practice emphasizes the importance of highly personalized care, quality work, and patient satisfaction. He is in fact a natural face doctor, known for delivering natural results. If you were ever scared of looking operated on, you don’t need to be with Dr. Schwarcz. He believes it wasn’t done right, if the results don't look natural.

His achievements in delivering excellent quality service and results are visible via his advancements in the field of cosmetic surgery. He offers services in cosmetic surgery, reconstructive surgery, non-surgical procedures, and skin cancer treatment.

Cosmetic Surgery Services Available

Before performing a cosmetic surgical procedure on a patient, Dr. Schwarcz listens to the patient’s cosmetic goals, analyzes whether safety is ensured and whether the concerns can be addressed and corrected through the selected procedure.  By discussing your goals with Dr. Schwarcz, he can present you with your options and offer appropriate solutions. If surgery is not necessary and your goal can be achieved non-surgically, Dr. Schwarcz will let you know. He believes in creating natural looking results and knows that it is not always necessary to undergo surgery to alter an aspect of one's appearance.

The cosmetic procedures we provide include mole removal, otoplasty, neck lift, facelift, and rhinolpasty among other procedures. Depending on the particular needs of each individual patient, the remedy or outcome will also depend on the extent of the desired change. While we strive to create natural results, a patient who desires more prominent changes may be interesed in a face lift, either indepdently or combined with a neck lift. For less dramatic results, a brow lift may be warranted.

What Reconstructive Surgery Offers

Reconstructive surgery is performed on patients who need to correct abnormal structures of their body that resulted from injury, birth defects, disease, trauma, or developmental abnormalities. This type of surgery often improves function as well as appearance. For example, a person with thyroid disease may develop thyroid orbitopathy, which damages the eyes and can lead to blindness. Surgery can correct this problem, allowing for correct closure of the eyelids. Our practice also offer surgeries to correct facial paralysis, to correct ptosis, to repair facial fractures and much more. We also offer a variety of services that involve treatment of the eyes, including ectropion and entropion.

Non-Invasive Procedures That Use Injections and Other Treatments and No Surgery

Non-surgical procedures are non-invasive cosmetic options available to improve one's appearance. You can rejuvenate your skin and eliminate wrinkles through non-surgical procedures. Sometimes what a person thinks they need cosmetic surgery for, can be accomplished via non-surgical procedures. During your consultation, Dr. Schwarcz will discuss your options with you and inform you on the procedure most appropriate and desirable for achieving your desired results.

We provide facial filler treatments, Botox, chemical peels and laser therapy to remove wrinkles and spots. A variety of facial fillers is offered at our practice. A patient seeking to enhance his or her lips and create volume may select a facial filler like Restylane. Although, recently the most popular filler for lip enhancement is Restylane Silk. Others may choose Botox to treat the lines on their forehead or nasolabial folds. Perlane, another facial filler, can also serve this purpose. However, Perlane is primarily used to create volume and go into deeper folds and wrinkles. You can click here to learn more about our full selection of facial fillers.

Treat Skin Cancer On The Face and Body With Mohs Surgery

Dr. Schwarcz offers various skin cancer treatments to his patients. Whether they have been victim to melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, or squamous cell carcinoma, our team is effective in removing the cancer so that it does not return. We implement the Mohs surgical technique which is beneficial when the cancer has developed on the face. This technique has a 95% cure rate and is effective in removing skin cancer.

We cater to patients throughout New York City.