Patient Testimonials


Dear Dr. Schwarcz, you did such a fabulous job on my neck! I am so happy with the results. Thank you so much! Best regards." - BP

Dear Dr. Schwarcz thank you for keeping your word and leaving me with a natural appearance, I am so happy I do not look pulled." - AD

Dr. Schwarcz you are truly talented, I look and feel ten years younger, my eyes are more open and they don't look droopy. I felt very comfortable with you, because you explained everything to me with great patience." - JH

Thank you for fixing my eyelids, having had them done previously with someone else I was devastated, they now look even and I do not have the problem of them drying out as much at night." - CG

….Dr. Schwarcz you gave me hope, and reassurance from the moment my accident happened, this allowed me to deal with my traumatic event and start me healing process…." - SP

…You really made me feel better about myself. My friends still can’t believe how good my eyes and neck look…" - HR

Dear Dr. Schwarcz, I want to thank you for doing such a wonderful work on my granddaughter’s nose job. I see a remarkable difference in her self esteem and daily interactions with people. She is ready to go to college with confidence in herself and her studies." - CC

…thanks you for being so meticulous with your work and making my wife happy with her eyelids, you are great colleague…" - Dr. MN

…I feel so much better about myself and my neck looks great too!" - JM

Twenty-five years off the market and I am dating again, thanks for making my neck and eyes look more marketable…" - EH

…I never thought my nose could look this good, thanks for the great job." - MM

Dear Dr. Schwarcz, I ran two marathons and continue to train, and still my thighs look chubby, thank for helping them look slimmer." - CM

After the surgery I had two years ago with Dr. — I have been a wreck, thank you for fixing my eyelids, I never thought I would look normal again." - CG

Dr. Schwarcz you made me feel at ease the moment I met you, are have very soothing kind personality, you made my face look ten years younger, I am a real estate agent and need that." - PM

Dr. Schwarcz thank you for fixing my mom’s eyelids, the fact that you speak Spanish won her over, your good work won me over, sincerely" - MG

…thanks for making an older lady feel younger, my friends are all jealous, I finally have my neck back." - MG

No more bags Dr. Schwarcz and I don’t miss them!" - PA

You are part of the family now, facelift, on me and my two sisters, we love you and your compassion, thank you…" - AM

…thank you Dr. Schwarcz my ears look cute and I can wear my hair up with earrings proudly…" - CM

Dear Doctor Schwarcz, thank you! Your patience, kindness, and expertise is a wonderful combination. You are greatly appreciated." - TC



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