Dr. Schwarcz Offers Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery to Residents of Brooklyn

Robert M. Schwarcz, MD, FACS is a leading cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon. Admitted to the prestigious American Society of Oculofacial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, Dr. Schwarcz is a member of an elite group of 500 surgeons, highly skilled in complex facial and eye procedures.

In New York, his two practices offera complete range of services, whether you require a reconstructive surgical operation or something as simple and non-invasive as a non-surgical cosmetic procedure like Botox. In addition, he offers his patients his expertise with various skin cancer treatments including the latest and most advanced techniques such as Mohs micrographic surgery as well as surgical excision.

Cosmetic Surgical Expertise

Cosmetic surgery does more than improve appearances. It can improve one's outlook on life, increasing self-confidence. Whether it is a brow lift or a rhinoplasty, Dr. Schwarcz’s patients have come to expect a high level of craftsmanship, artistry and meticulous attention to detail from our team, which they consistently receive.

Dr. Schwarcz’s specialty procedures include procedures as complex as the facelift to as delicate as eyelid blepharoplasty. He also performs simpler surgeries such as lip augmentation, the mid-face lift and mole removal. For unsightly scars and keloids, he also provides treatment to remove them safely and in a cosmetically pleasing manner.

Renowned Reconstructive Surgeon Now Serving Brooklyn

Reconstructive surgery restores the appearance and function of diseased and injured body structures. Dr. Schwarcz is a board-certified reconstructive surgery specialist who is skilled in restoring and rebuilding the face if and where needed.

Our team specializes in the reconstructive surgical procedures such as facial paralysis surgery, earlobe repair, ectropion repair and entropion repair. His experience as an oculofacial cosmetic plastic surgeon makes him the right person to perform surgeries such as eyelid ptosis repair, orbital tumors, tear duct repair and much more. In addition, the sensitive nature of the functions of the eyes require a very high level of care and precision which is offered by Dr. Schwarcz's practice.

Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments Offer Quick Recovery

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures are a popular option among those who do not wish to devote much time to recovery. They are non-invasive and can enhance the results of traditional cosmetic surgical procedures . Whether a patient receives ClearLift to rejuvenate his or herself, or Botox to enhance facial features, Dr. Schwarcz offers aesthetically pleasing results for the patient looking to minimize the invasiveness and recovery time of his or her procedure. While it is necessary to occasionally maintain such treatments with follow-ups, non-surgical procedures offer visible results immediately. Facial fillers are most commonly used to smooth the skin and eliminate wrinkles. For example, Restylane is a good choice for patients seeking to smooth their skin and create elasticity. Sculptra is a better choice for facial rejuvenation and increased collagen production.

Skin Cancer Treatment Options in New York City

Removing skin cancer from the face while maintaining delicate facial skin is a challenging task. Dr. Schwarcz is skilled in treating basal cell carcinoma, melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma utilizing the Mohs technique . The benefit of Mohs surgery, especially where the cancer is located on a primary focal point, such as the face, is that it removes the least amount of skin possible to preserve your tissue and maintain your skin’s natural, healthy appearance.

The Mohs technique:

  • Maps the exact location of cancer cells.
  • Targets cancer cells for removal.
  • Removes cancer cells, preserving delicate, non-cancerous tissue.

We cater to patients throughout New York City.