Who is a Good Candidate for Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is an effective cosmetic plastic surgery procedure designed to restore someone’s nose shape or to help someone with a breathing problem. You may be an excellent candidate if:

 Your nose is too large

 Your nose is too small

 Your bridge or tip need reshaping

 You’ve been in an accident and your nose needs re-structuring

 You have difficulty breathing

Best Candidates for a Nose Job in NYC

If you were born with a nose that makes you feel unhappy or self-conscious about the way you look, then this may be a way to help solve your issue. Most people are very aware of how they look and how they would like to look, so if changing your nose makes your face more attractive, then it may be one of the best things you could do for yourself.

However, this surgery alone will only be able to change your appearance some; it won’t be a major make-over. You will need to understand simply having the surgery will not completely transform you into a different person. Your surgeon needs to understand what you want changed and for what reason.

Also, if you have trouble breathing correctly, rhinoplasty may be the best procedure to help you breath properly. It can correct blockage of the nasal airway passages by creating an unobstructed air passage been the throat and nostril. Of if you are experiencing nasal valve collapse, this procedure may be necessary.

Other Cosmetic Procedures You Might Consider

Often times when a nose is reshaped for cosmetic purposes or for health reasons, to balance out the face, it may be beneficial to other procedures. One of those common procedures is chin-augmentation. Your surgeon may also take into consideration more than one procedure which will lower the cost.

For girls, rhinoplasty surgery is usually performed between the ages of 14 – 15 and for boys, they should be slightly older. It’s important to wait for the normal growth period to occur.

If you feel having rhinoplasty surgery would benefit you, then contact Robert M. Schwarcz, M.D., FACS for a consultation today. His office is conveniently located in downtown Manhattan. He and his staff are very professional and your visit will be kept confidential.

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