What Can I Expect From a Brow Lift Procedure in NYC?

Why Get a Brow Lift?

If you’re unhappy with the way that your face is aging, comprehensive cosmetic treatments like facelifts or lip and cheek injections may seem appealing. However, a consistent tired or worried look may simply be the result of sagging eyebrows, so why engage the entire face when a simple brow lift could take years off of your countenance and erase stress lines entirely?

Robert M. Schwarcz, MD, FACS, is a brow lift expert based in New York City whose surgical track record is impeccable and who enjoys tailoring thought-out custom solutions for each patient he examines. Dr. Schwarcz is one of the only physicians in Manhattan who has the experience and medical background needed to properly perform this complex procedure.

How is the Surgery Performed?

Eyebrow lift surgery is generally performed as an outpatient procedure. Patients have the choice of using local or general anesthesia for the surgery, which actually only involves two small incisions above the hair line. After the incisions are made, Dr. Schwarcz uses specialized instruments and a state-of-the-art television camera to artificially raise the eyebrows and enhance related features on the face of the patient. The doctor uses an endoscope, which is an instrument used to examine the inside of a body cavity, to minimize the size of the incisions and simplify the overall experience.

What is the Recovery Like?

Most patients experience little to no pain as a direct result of the procedure. Pain medication is generally prescribed to deal with minor discomfort around the incisions, but other than temporary forehead numbness after the procedure, the negative effects of the surgery are negligible. With the aid of cold compresses which are used to reduce swelling, most patients find themselves out of the house and back on their feet in a matter of days! Dr. Schwarcz recommends a moratorium on stressful or strenuous activities for a few weeks, but the average NYC patient’s daily routine should barely be affected.

What Are You Waiting For?

Come in to the clinic of Dr. Robert M. Schwarcz, MD, FACS, today and treat yourself to a consultation with one of New York City’s preeminent facial surgeons. Dr. Schwarcz will be happy to personally explain the brow lift procedure to you so that both of you can make an informed decision about whether the surgery is necessary. Contact us today to rejuvenate the beauty in your face and in your life!

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