The Prospects of Hip and Butt Liposuction Leading to a More Feminine Figure

There is a misconception among the public that liposuction is simply a way to get rid of a specific portion of fat that is deemed favorable. In reality, your cosmetic plastic and reconstructive surgeon aims to determine how much leftover fat can be used to maintain your body’s outline and natural curves.

How Hip and Butt Liposuction Works

The liposuction conducted in the hip area makes use of your lumbar region to achieve more realistic outcomes. Specifically, flabby fat is removed to enhance the appearance of the curves of your buttocks. For example, a patient seeking to remove fat from his or her love handles can accentuate the curves of the buttocks and be more appealing to the eye.

The Best Outcomes and What to Avoid

It is not usual surgical practice to conduct liposuction on the butt itself because the risk of the skin developing irregularities and further wrinkling is imminent. The surgical risk increases when the lower portion of the body is operated on, although it is not uncommon for patients to undergo liposuction from their thighs and lower body as well. The upper body is usually the primary focus for patients seeking to achieve the most noticeable results. Shaping the body leads to optimized outcomes, even without additional foreign objects inserted.

For patients who feel that their buttocks is too big, the surgery can be performed on that area while taking into account the potential for dimples, wrinkles and floppy skin to form.
Another factor to consider before surgery is what you want your new size to be post-surgery. Keep in mind that skin elasticity and flexibility will play a role in reshaping the body with this procedure. The fat that is removed during liposuction can be transferred to another part of the body to accentuate that feature or create fullness and volume. Many times, liposuction is performed in conjunction with the fat transfer procedure. The benefits of doing so would be of course to eliminate the need for a second surgery as both procedures are performed in one surgical operation as well as the ability to use your own fat, when enhancing another feature or area of your body.

Risks to Consider

There are several risks to consider when removing large amounts of fat. If the surgical procedure performed takes away more fat than needed, the body’s outline will be ruined and inconsistencies in the skin can be difficult to detect and fix in future surgeries. This is why it is critical to seek out the expertise of a cosmetic plastic surgeon who has the skill to perform such a procedure.

What happens when too much fat is removed from the skin? Some of the issues that can arise pertain to the surface of the skin becoming too loose and saggy. There are ways to correct this by transplanting more fat to the area, but the overall benefits will not be enough to constitute a full cure for the patient. Again, the importance of going to the right person cannot be underscored. Our cosmetic plastic surgeon aims to rearrange the fat content in your body to lead to better, more natural results. Dr. Schwarcz and his team present the very finest quality results in a safe and practical manner.

To learn more about liposuction, contact our Scarsdale or Manhattan practice today.

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