Otoplasty: The Best Way to Cosmetically Enhance the Ears

Otoplasty is a cosmetic surgical procedure that changes the ears’ position, shape or size without impacting the patient’s hearing. Also known as ear pinning or an ear tuck procedure, this cosmetic surgery is suitable for patients who feel their ears are too big or protrude too far from their head. Those who suffer from a birth defect or the effects of an injury may also benefit from an otoplasty. In order to ensure facial symmetry, the cosmetic surgeon usually performs an otoplasty on both ears.

Otoplasty Preparation

Before undergoing an otoplasty, the patient will have a consultation with the cosmetic surgeon. During the appointment, Dr. Schwarcz, who is also a cosmetic oculoplastic and reconstructive surgeon, will take the patient’s medical history, perform a physical examination and talk about what the patient hopes to achieve from an otoplasty. The patient should make sure someone is available to assist him while he recovers from the otoplasty and he may need to refrain from smoking and taking anti-inflammatory medications before the surgical procedure.

During and After the Procedure

A typical otoplasty takes approximately two hours to perform. Immediately after the surgery, the patient must wear bandages for several days. Discoloration, itching and swelling are to be expected, and the patient should not sleep on his side until these normal post-operative symptoms subside.

What to Know Before the Procedure

In most cases, there are few or no complications during and after an ear tuck. However, as with any type of surgical procedure, ear tucks are not without risks and scarring. The scarring is barely noticeable since it is hidden by the ear’s inner creases or behind the ear itself. Another risk is extra sensitivity and other sensations felt in the ear’s surrounding skin, which usually subsides soon after surgery and rarely becomes permanent.

Anyone who wants to improve the appearance of their ears and feel more confident should consider undergoing an ear tuck procedure with Dr. Robert Schwarcz, a facial cosmetic plastic surgeon in New York.

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