How ClearLift Can Treat Broken Capillaries

Having clear and beautiful skin is definitely a blessing. No not only is it good for physical health, but having healthy and radiant skin can definitely improve anyone’s looks .

It would be great if everyone could have clear and healthy skin at all times, but unfortunately there are many different conditions that can prevent this from happening. One of these conditions involves broken capillaries, and if this condition is left unchecked it can make even once beautiful skin look aged past its time.

This article take a closer look at this subject and answer some questions that are relevant to the subject along the way. These questions include: What are capillaries? Why do capillaries break? What are some treatment options, and how does Clearlift work its magic? Let’s answer these questions

What are capillaries?

Capillaries are some of the smallest blood vessels in the human body. They carry nutritious blood to many different body tissues and promote thorough circulation. Capillaries are located throughout the body, but many of them lie just beneath the surface of the skin.

When many of these tiny blood vessels break at the same time, it can leave reddish lines and even bruise like marks on the skin .

Once capillaries have started to break, correcting the problem can be very frustrating, especially when this happens on the face. The good news is that there are some innovative treatment regimens that can significantly improve the appearance broken capillaries.

Why do capillaries sometimes rupture?

As was noted earlier, capillaries are the smallest and most delicate blood vessels in the body. Because of this, it is unusually easy to damage and even rupture these very sensitive vessels .

So, what are some common causes of broken capillaries? There are many different factors that can cause capillaries to break. These include:.

Washing and scrubbing the face to vigorously

If this is done with water that is too hot, this is a common way in which facial capillaries are damaged and even ruptured.

Facial injuries

Violent impacts or constant small impacts over time cause facial capillaries to rupture.


Since the skin gets thinner as we age, it becomes easier to see veins beneath the skin. If the capillaries then break for one reason or another, this makes it even easier to see signs of damage.


Consuming an excessive amount of alcohol over a long period of time can and in many cases does cause blood pressure to rise. When this happens, the veins in the face dilate. Repeated cycles of this can and often do does cause facial capillaries to rupture .

What are some treatment options and how does ClearLift work its magic?

ClearLift is a laser based skin treatment regiment that works gently enough to be safe even on the most delicate areas of the face. ClearLift deploys non-ablative laser technology to bring a new twist to laser skin resurfacing. It targets tissues just under the surface of the skin, thus stimulating the cells of the dermis to produce collagen in larger quantities. Because of this, healing occurs from the inside to the outside.

It should be noted that depending on the patient, more than one ClearLift treatment session may be needed in order to achieve the very best results.

The appearance of broken capillaries can be reduced after only one treatment, but many patients will also require an additional three to four sessions to achieve the best outcomes. It should be known that ClearLift can also smooth out fine lines and wrinkles and tighten the skin, returning it to its youthful glory.

If you have had enough of the effects of broken capillaries and want to regain your youthful appearance, please feel free to contact Dr. Robert M. Schwartz.

Patients living in New York City or Scarsdale are cordially invited to give us a call. After all, beauty is much more than just skin deep.

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