5 Reasons to Consider a Facelift

5 Reasons to Consider a Facelift

If you’re bothered by changes to the look of your face as years go by, you may want to consider a facelift. During this popular procedure, the skin on your face is pulled back and tissues beneath the skin are surgically altered to restore a younger-looking facial shape. In many cases, you can pair it with a neck lift as well.

Board-certified oculofacial plastic surgeon Robert M. Schwarcz, MD, and his team offer facelifts and neck lifts to give you the more youthful look you desire. Take a few minutes to learn about five common reasons people consider having a facelift done. 

1. You’re bothered by cheek sagging

Cheeks begin to sag as you age because of lost elastin and collagen, skin-enhancing substances your body produces in lesser quantities once you’re over 30. A facelift can effectively tighten your sagging cheeks, giving you a more contoured and toned look. 

2. You want to get rid of sagging jowls 

Excess skin around your jawline, also known as jowls, is another common reason people opt for a facelift. Virtually everyone develops jowls over time, as your skin becomes thinner and less elastic. A facelift can literally lift that skin, creating a jawline you’re pleased with.

3. You’d like a firmer, slimmer look from the neck up

Aging, as well as weight fluctuations over the years, often create sagginess around the lower face and neck, which makes many people feel self-conscious. Studies have found that even modest changes in this area can negatively impact your self-perception. A facelift — possibly combined with a neck lift — can help you regain a firmer, slimmer look.

4. You want to feel more confident about your look

For some people, emotional benefits are the biggest draw when considering a facelift. In a study published in Clinical Psychological Science, researchers analyzed the emotional well-being of about 550 first-time cosmetic surgery patients and more than 260 people who had considered but then opted against such a procedure. 

People who’d had plastic surgery were more likely to report having higher self-esteem and less anxiety. They also reported being grateful that they had the surgery. 

5. You prefer a long-lasting solution

If you’re tired of attempting to conceal signs of aging in your face or neck and aren’t interested in treatments that require multiple sessions per year, a facelift may be a smart choice. Unlike most injectable anti-aging treatments, facelift results tend to last around 10 years

While some people continue to receive shorter term, nonsurgical procedures such as Botox® after a facelift, you may find that you need fewer treatments than you did before facelift surgery. Those less invasive treatments still do a wonderful job enhancing the look of your skin versus the shape of your face.

To learn more about facelifts or to find out if you’re a good candidate, call one of our offices — in the Upper East Side of Manhattan and in Scarsdale, New York —  to book an appointment with Dr. Schwarcz. You can also request a consultation using our online scheduling tool.

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